Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cyborg panel sketch

OK, going from a near 40-year memory, this is what I remember the panel in question being like.

The top shows what each cyborg looked like (remember, very similar to the Mad Thinker's android from Fantastic Four vol. 1, #71). Green colored, with the "skin" being like a green fabric covering the entire body and obscuring the face, as shown. Likely, the face was NOT completely blank, but showed rudimentary features, like a human face would if covered by a thick green, skin tight fabric.

The bottom shows what the panel likely looked like, with an image of the (green) cyborgs coming off the "assembly line" and the narrator describing the production of cyborg workers.

Perhaps, then "faceless" is not the best description - obscured featured may be better.

I believe the general idea is clear.


Dan said...

*sigh* By far the most likely suspects that I happen to own (i.e. Strange Adventures & FBTU) you've already eliminated. I'll try to check out the early issues of Marvel's Weird Wonder Tales (unless you've already looked at those, too ... it debuted circa the fall of '73) tonight, assuming work doesn't leave me overly drained.

Other than those 3 titles (& all the DC Specials), my collection is woefully lacking in early '70s reprint-oriented anthology titles.

nosecone said...

Thanks for looking when you have the chance. WWT is a possibility, though a bit "late" (1973- although 73 could be a possibility).

Although I have the Strange Adventures and FBTU from later summer/early fall 1971 and 1972, it *is* possible that it may have been a 1970 issue - or even possibly a spring 1971/72 that happpened to be on the newstand a few months past when it first came out.

So, if you have time, and have some of those old issues, looking would not do any harm.

It is NOT FBTU 25, which I have, which has a remarkably similar panel showing gray robots being produced off an assembly line.

I suspect that the panel of one story was "lifted" for the other, dependent upon which came first.

Dan said...

Good deal. I've got the entire runs of FBTU & post-Deadman Strange Adventures, so I'll check 'em.

nosecone said...

Thanks, any and all help appreciated. While I am skeptical it is SA or FBTU, it is best to be thorough and check through to make sure - I could be wrong!

At the very least, it will eliminate those titles. Let me know how it turns out.

Jim K. said...

I doubt if this is what you are looking for, but I remember an issue of an old Dell "Sci-fi/superhero" comic I had called "Spaceman", and the issue featured a cyborg character who was green, had vaguely undefined facial features, and looked a lot like the android in FF 70-71. I seem to remember this character as a sidekick or something to the main character. I don't know what issue this was, or even if it was actually Spaceman, to tell the truth. Also, the Spaceman comic came out in the early 60's, but apparently they did reprint some issues in the early 70's, at which time you could have seen it. Also, I don't remember any panels depicting a cyborg assembly line. The character does stick out in my memory because it was the first time I had ever heard the term Cyborg.

Good luck with your quest.

nosecone said...


Thanks. I agree this is unlikely what I am looking for, but it is useful to track down and eliminate all other possibilities. So, in this sense, all pieces of information are useful.

One other thing for all people reading the blog - please distribute the blog's URL among the "comic book world."

Even if you may have no idea about the question, it is always possible someone on some comic blog somewhere has the issue of interest and will stop in and tell us all, finally, what it is.

Thanks again.

Pat said...

NC, I flipped through the first 15 issues of FBTU and didn't see anything like what you describe. So I think you can cross that title off the possibles list.

nosecone said...


Thanks. It's clear that FBTU is not it, based on your analysis and the issues of that comic that I have.

This is all helpful, thanks again.

Nose cone

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