Saturday, October 3, 2009

Space Man 9

With all the information in and several issues of Space Man in hand, I am now fairly certain that Space Man 9, which I now have, is the comic I have been looking for - despite the fact that the specific panel in question is not there (a failure of memory?).

I would like to thank everyone who helped, especially Jim K. Apart from any unforeseen developments in this case, it appears that the mystery has been solved.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I am happy you have found this comic book -
best regards,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Norton, congrats on getting this done,

M said...

Hello -- I am very interested in finding copies of the Space Man series. Does anyone know of a resource in this regard?

As for the cyborgs in these comics, they were described as "dedicated individuals that were surgically altered to allow living and working in outer space without pressure suits" or something close to that. Note that they used the correct depiction of cyborgs- as man-machine hybrids and not machines fabricated and then made to look more human, as is common in popular fiction. Also, this was a VERY progressive publication, since the term "cyborg" had only been created in 1961, which I believe was the year before this series began publication.

M said...

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